Music for the Masses

In 2011, my great-uncle gave my sister a Yamaha G-65 classical guitar under the condition that she could keep it as long as she played it. She ended up not picking it up as a hobby, which resulted in the guitar being passed along to me. After I picked it up I couldn't put it down! I would fiddle around for a few hours, then run downstairs and play whatever I came up with at the time to my parents. In middle school and early high school I had learned to read sheet music and had developed an ear for pitch, so I was able to learn notes and chords pretty quickly.

Fast forward a few months - My chord progression had been getting stronger, my fingers more calloused, and I began incorporating my voice into a few songs that I had been learning. I found guitar tabs to be way easier than sheet music so I shifted to using those. Suddenly, I felt compelled to share what I had been working on with the world. I've never been able to pinpoint why, but I uploaded a recording of me playing a song to YouTube. Overall, it went well. I receveived a few views, a few comments, a few likes, and soon I was addicted.

Fast forward a few years now and here we are. I've uploaded about 50 videos and have accumulated around 200k views with 1,000 subscribers. I'm very grateful that so many people are willing and interested in hearing more from me! Lately I've not been uploading as much, as I've been spending most of my time working. Hopefully I'll get back into the habit of playing more frequently and eventually write more material.

My Equipment

Over my brief musical career I've been lucky enough to obtain the following instruments to play around with:

Posted Material

I've separated my uploaded material into two playlists: The first is the cover songs that I've recorded and uploaded, and the second is my original material. Going back into my early high school years can definitely be entertaining, so enjoy!

Link to cover songs

Link to original songs